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Product Information

Here you will find news and further information on the noble metals and gems used in the Collection Inner Light jewelry as well as other important hints and clues.

Noble metals and gems used by Collection Inner Light
The predominantly used metals are silver and gold. Additionally, some ornaments incorporate matching gems. Silver symbolizes the creative, receiving, lunar aspect of creation. Gold, on the other hand, stands for solar vitality, action, perfection, and heavenly splendor.

The gems used each have their respective energetic foci: The garnet stands for force and fire; Zirconia represents clarity and transcendence, whereas the moonstone stands for intuition. We guarantee that our jewelry is made of Sterling Silver .925 and that gold-plating (where applied) has a thickness of at least 1 micron (protection against wear).

The Inner Light Jewelry-Box
We deliver our items in a fitting jewelry-box that also contains a description of the items symbolism. Inside the box, the ornaments are additionally packed into a transparent plastic bag to prevent rapid oxidation.

Care instructions
Silver oxidizes - that's inevitable but reversible by regular and thorough cleaning. The only cause for oxidation of silver is contact to sulphur that is contained e.g. in the air, clothing and the skin. Also, soap and other body-care-products contain high levels of sulphur compounds. The rate of discoloration depends on how much sulphur is present in your environment. Hint: Remove any ornaments prior to taking a bath or a shower. The jewelry should not be kept in the bathroom but rather be stored in a jewelry case or any other sulphur-free box.

To keep the jewelry radiant, you'll have to clean it periodically. Order your microfiber-cloth today! Use it regularily! It's sufficient to polish the ornaments gently with that cloth. Ask us about silver-cleaning-baths for the removal of intractable stains. Please keep in mind not to clean the gold-plated parts of your jewelry with that cloth as the gold may be worn off even faster.