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Protective Glyph - 23 mm - partially blackened Silver


.925 Silver, Ø 23 mm

39,00 €

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The protective glyph is widely considered to be the worlds strongest protective amulet. It covers its wearer with an impenetrable magic shield.
This pendant protects from ghosts and demons, jinxes, black magic, nightmares, other peoples negative thoughts and aurae and much more.
These authors recommend this pendant:
Gregor A. Gregorius, Das Geheimnis der magischen Schutzglyphen
Det Morson, Praxis der weißen und schwarzen Magie, p. 330 ff.
Karl Spiesberger, Magneten des Glücks, p. 102 ff.
Dr. Klingsor, Experimentalmagie, p. 248 ff.
Holger Dreyer, Die Praxis der Spiegelmagie, p. 75 ff.
... and many more.
According to our customers, it’s the most powerful protective amulet.
One should feel the strong effects as soon as a few hours after first wearing the amulet.

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